#6: Turning Negative Experience Into Your Personal Growth | AJ Roberts on Sergey Ross Podcast

My guest today is AJ Roberts - 15 year British forces veteran, entrepreneur, high performance coach, loving father and husband. He had an amazing life journey that shaped him into a person he is today.

**Show Notes

AJ talks about how he and his family were forced to move out of Australia back to the UK…[03:49]

Selling my kids’ toys was a really hard pill to swallow…[04:25]

Experiences in Afghanistan and Iraq made me into a coach I am today…[06:00]

AJ wasn’t able to become a football player, this was his dream. He walks me through his thoughts in that moment: “my whole life just sunk”…[09:57]

I was making inquiries how to sign up to military before I would be charged with crime…[11:36]

…you go to places like Iraq and Afghanistan where you see horrendous violence…[15:55]

What might be negative at the moment, the positive will come out of it…[24:34]

No matter what you do, if you practice being the hardest worker, playing to your strength and keep at it you will see massive results…[29:20]

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