#61 Tukan Das on going from 88% outbound to 77% inbound via content marketing

This is easily one of my best content interviews to date. I had a pleasure to chat with Tukan Das, the CEO of Leadsift (B2B SaaS) about the magic of inbound content marketing.

We are talking specifics and data in this episode so you can actually apply a lot of ideas and you will get results.

Here are a few talking points worth mentioning:

  1. how Tukan went on to generate almost all his business, 77%, from content marketing
  2. what can you do with YouTube pre-roll ads
  3. how Leadsift produces micro-content and on what platforms they apply it
  4. how Tukan is doing short video interviews with influencers in B2B

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Cool marketing folks Tukan follows:

Chris Walker

Nathan Latka

Dave Gerhard

Guillaume Cabane