#78 The Navy S.E.A.L’s of business: principles of building a company (with Jason Smith)

Trust is the most important factor in a startup, both when looking for a co-founder and when pitching to VC's.

Jason Smith, serial entrepreneur and the CEO of a company called Klue shares the human side of a startup experience, from the importance of trust and entrepreneur's personality to his hiring philosophy.

Cool talking points you don't want to miss out on:

  • shared qualities of entrepreneurs and Navy S.E.A.L’s
  • how 100 coffees with the right people can save you from investing years into the wrong idea
  • pros and cons (yes, it's not all rosy) of having experience in a startup world
  • why a weird CV is often a better indicator of character than a college you attended


Klue’s website Reach out to Jason via e-mail or Linkedin