#1: Nancy J. Spotton on Why the Reality Starts With "Who Are You?"

Nancy Spotton is a people leader, the CEO or MPWR, a former Ontario Soccer Summit speaker who after 20+ years of working with some of Canada’s best companies is currently honored to be a developer of top Millennial talent in the Sport & Event Post Graduate program at George Brown College.

Nancy is on a powerful journey to helping 1M Millennials by providing them with access to coaches, mentors, and tools to help them succeed.

MPWR is reinventing talent and HR with big data, machine learning using the world's #1 performance technology created for and used by Navy SEALs and Olympians for 4 decades.


I’m going to actually change my mindset and share my story with others …{3:17}

I have never been in this mental state before…{5:13}

Stop talking about how. You’ve got to stop and look inside… {10:23}

A better way to ask “why” question is…{11:52}

How can someone be at their best consistently?…{12:26}

Vision is infinite goals are finite…{13:15}

I have a vision and 5 objectives…{15:50}

People make a decision about your personal brand in 30 seconds or less...{20:13}

How can I build better leaders?... {22:33}

Why the majority of people have a reactive/closed mindset?...{27:33}

I'm about mental fitness and here is my belief... {32:17}

Here is a key lesson I've learned.... {35:00}

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