#42 The CEO of Zoom.ai Roy Pereira on Where Relentless Learning and Execution Will Lead You

In this interview I sat down with Roy Pereira who runs a company Zoom.ai to talk about his lifelong obsession with learning and solving big problems for customers.

We are discussing what drives Roy as a CEO, lessons learned from starting other businesses, his work ethic, routines, importance of self-awareness and role models.

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About Roy

Roy is the founder and CEO of Zoom.ai (chat-based productivity tool that helps employees to offload and automate everyday tasks). He has immigrated from Portugal to Toronto, Canada. Has worked in the Valley for large businesses like Cisco and founded multiple companies himself.

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About Zoom.ai Zoom.ai is AI-powered assistant that could help recruiters and sales teams do more by minimizing distractions, decreasing app fatigue and supporting more meaningful work. Zoom.ai Meeting Assistant automates your entire meeting scheduling experience and everyday admin tasks.

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