#12: How To Create More Winners In a Startup Industry | Sydney Wong on Sergey Ross Podcast

I’ve interviewed Sydney Wong, a the Founder and CEO of VenturX, a startup benchmarking platform that aims to create more winners in startup industry based on different metrics like runway, conversion, engagement.

We are talking about Sydney’s company vision, startups, time prioritization and her favourite business books.

Show Notes

You don’t know where you rank in comparison to other startups when you present to VC’s…[03:15]

All of your startup numbers tell a story, the data doesn’t lie…[06:23]

One customer who is willing to give you a dollar for anything, that is your business…[07:24]

Sydney talks about how she prioritizes her time and schedule…[14:31]

20% of your clients will produce 80% of your income…[17:10]

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