#10: Finding Courage To Express Yourself As You Are | Nela Dunato on Sergey Ross Podcast

My guest for this episode is Nela Dunato who runs her own branding and design studio. She is an artist, designer and a writer. Nela is an author of the book “The Human Centered Brand”, A Practical Guide to Being Yourself in Business.

Show Notes

It was the inner urge to go down this creative path…[04:10]

Nela talks about how she was a generalist before focusing on a narrow area of design work…[09:32]

Nela shares her experience of writing a book “The Human Centered Brand”… [14:55]

Excellent idea on how to start showing up more on video… [24:55]

See how you can weave all your creative talents into your business… [27:00]

You are not pushing yourself if everyone around is happy… [34:15]

Best book for small service businesses Nela has read… [44:55]

You have to be very strict with who you work with… [45:53]

No matter how other people think they know you, they don’t really know you as well as you know yourself… [47:58]

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