#4: X-Factor For Companies Now Are People | Cody Royle on Sergey Ross Podcast

My guest today is a Co-Founder of endurance sport…

My guest today is a Co-Founder of endurance sports business “Inner Voice”, the head coach of AFL Team Canada and the author of the book “Where Others Won’t” - Cody Royle.

Cody shares his story of coming to Canada from Australia, lessons he learned as a sports coach and how the expertise from the world of sports must be applied in the business world.


Cody went from a really successful job, very high salary, in Australia to working minimum wage…[4:09]

Everyone was running around me, playing normal and I was outthinking myself…[6:45]

Paralysis by analysis can actually aid you…[8:06]

Do what you love, do what you good at and do it better than other people…[11:40]

Cody explains the idea behind alternative MBA program by Seth Godin…[15:03]

When you are able to say it’s a better idea than what we are doing (rather than it’s my idea) that’s when you see real success…[19:15]

Foundational idea behind the book is people are a competitive advantage…[20:05]

In business we don’t practice adverse situations only fire alarm training…[23:20]

We need to celebrate failure and practice failure…[23:35]

You see the real innovation in companies before they go public…[26:48]

The notion of A-Players and B-Players doesn’t really exist…[29:21]

There is almost an argument to go against data…[33:59]

Cody talks about how accountability to the whole team helps to maintain discipline…[40:25]

The general public thinks that pro sports teams care about winning…[44:00]

Instead of goal oriented we have to be journey oriented…[46:32]

You have absolutely no control over the outcome in competition…[49:59]

Goal setting is great, but you have to be obsessed over process…[50:52]

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