#11: Behaviour Science in the Business World | Mina Movasseli on Sergey Ross Podcast

I’ve met with Mina Movasseli, a founder of “Mind the BluePrint Workshop” to talk about how business leaders can understand their behaviour patterns and psychology in a better way.

**Show Notes

Something I personally look for in marketers is someone who can think analytically…[06:00]

The issues with a lot of companies is grouping UX designer and UX researcher…[08:02]

It’s always good to work in a corporation to get process skills…[14:46]

When I work out I try to say a lot of positive things…[19:47]

You have to be really careful who you take advice from…[24:32]

Its very important to be aware of your subconscious mind and to bring it to awareness…[28:42]

Mina gives her book recommendations…[32:54]

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