#48 Why Entrepreneurs Need a Business Coach with Brent Lowe

This is my 48th interview with someone who lives and breathes the psychology of business Brent Lowe. He coaches the very best people in tech in Canada.

We are covering the whole spectrum of entrepreneurial psychology here: thoughts and beliefs that are slowing founders down, the art of focus, how to maximize your time, phases entrepreneurs go through, benefits of non-hierarchical company structure, nuances of goal setting and more.

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About Brent Brent Lowe directly focuses on psychology of business in his work. He founded three successful companies by the age of 24, was on a senior leadership team of three early-stage and fast growing companies (Redknee, Achievers, Bullfrog Power). He is a business coach, advisor and author of the book “Reinventing Scale-Ups: Radical Ideas for Growing Companies”. Currently Brent is helping clients grow their businesses. Among them are the very best people in tech in Canada.

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List of books mentioned in this interview

Reinventing Scale-Ups: Radical Ideas for Growing Companies

Crucial Conversations Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High, Second Edition

Who: The A Method for Hiring

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